Bulldog Radio 06/26/09

Listen up, listen up. This week on Bulldog radio...IT'S FIGHT NIGHT!

Preliminary bouts include: The rematch of Junior vs Joey H-bombs on Sarah Palin. Round 2 of Bobby vs Junior on King Diamond. Everyone vs Junior on Space Camp.

For your main event, Junior and Bobby go toe to toe in a vicious slugfest over whether or not Panthro from the Thundercats was a racial stereotype. This is the one folks. Things get heated, heated, and more heated.

Additional undercard fights of the evening include: old movies that still make the grade, universal healthcare, gun rights, tobacco bans, the worst Schwarzenegger impression you'll hear all week, people who died (died) and our hosts being so worn out from fighting with each other for two hours that everyone forgets they already played Mephiskapheles for the first break and suggests using it as the show ending song. What a bunch of douches.

Your hosts Junior and Bobby, as well as their guests Little Joe and JC did a lot of yelling to get this episode done, so download this week's show and hear our boys as they brawl for it all...TONIGHT...ON BULLDOG RADIO!

This Episode’s Soundtrack:
Mephiskapheles – Mephiskapheles
Joe Coffee – Pretty In Pinko
One Life Crew – Stra-hate Edge
Channel 3 – I’ve Got a Gun
Johnny & the Has-Beens – Stuck On Yesterday

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